I am a self-employed artist from Connecticut and my specialties are wolf and wildlife art, pet portraiture, and racing art. I have spent my life roaming the natural areas of CT and surrounding states, having lived also in Arizona and Pennsylvania. I am the artist for the Wolf Sanctuary of PA, and spend at least a few days there each month, romping with and listening to the wolves. I live one mile from a NASCAR short track and am a devoted racing fan. I am also a collector of vintage and specialized newer trucks; 18-wheelers and Macks particularly. I am always in search of that special truck that turns my head!!!! My other collections include firefighter-related items and Statue of Liberty items.

I have created a selection of galleries on various topics on my website and invite you to come and view the various paintings that I have for created.

Wolfseeker Wildlife Art
Checkered Flag Racing Art

Please feel free to email me at wlfskr@prodigy.net



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