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To understand my art, in a way, is to understand me. Like everyone, I too, have many sides that are all related and yet, in some way's, seem to be of complete opposite origins. My joy as an artist comes from expressing each one of these sides in the most creative way possible,

Though it wasn't always so. Early in my life, copying was the definition of the word art as I knew it. My parents said that the first time they noticed my talent was when I was around 4 years of age. I brought them a picture of a clown that I had copied which they thought I had traced. When they found out I had not traced it my dad immediately provided me with a pen and paper. He gave me instructions to fill up the paper with drawings. He continued to provide art supplies for me along with a private instructor at the age of eleven. To his influence and that of my teachers in high school I owe many thanks. They all told me that I was the most talented they had ever taught. But still, at age eighteen copes of real life or other works from other artists were all I had to show for my talent.

Slowly the result became boredom and un-fullfillment. Did God make any mountain or creature the same? Of course not. This pattern was one of creativity and individuality. Shortly after high school I began to realize that I wasn't utilizing my own creativity. I feared that I would fail and that this failure would only lead to disappointment. So, despite the reluctance, I forced myself, one day, to pick up a pencil and, from a mere scribble, produce my first original painting. Which, ironically is still one of my favorites to date. With that single painting I began to experience the passion and fulfillment I always knew existed in art.

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