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Then, after serving a mission for my church, I took off to Denver to attend the rocky Mountain School of Art and Design. It was there that I realized that I didn't know as much as I thought I did about art. My fear of color was banished and it became fun and exciting to me. There I was forced to be unique and the goals of the different assignments helped me to experiment and learn to appreciate all aspects of art. Such as bright and toned colors,structural and organic shapes, representational and abstract, sculpture and paint, aggressive and delicate. From each of these I find more enjoyment when I work them together in harmony.

Now when I see an object, color or series of such that is appealing to me I find that my own form of abstraction there of, together with what I've learned throughout the years, makes it even more enjoyable to me. For those who enjoy an exact duplicate, a camera is a great asset. As for me, my goal is that of creativity, emotion and individuality. In short, I want a true expression to all sides of myself. I let myself be inspired by and appreciate that around me, but at the same time I hold to that which sets me apart. From there I create what is seen and felt from where I stand and produce parts of me in a different light each time.


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