Mourning Stamps Used On Postal Covers

The study of the postal card (shown below) brings out several interesting and informative points:

1. Even though the post card is canceled with a 'Stockholm' cancellation, the 'Fràn Finland' marking shows that the origin of the card was from Finland. This Marking was used when mail was put directly aboard a Swedish ship, docked in a Finnish port, to be sent abroad.

2. The Mourning Stamp on this card is not tied with a cancel and one may say that it was added latter to increase the value of the cover. But these stamps did not serve any official postage use and because of this the Swedish Postmaster in Stockholm would not have cancelled it. They were very meticulous in how they cancelled the postage that went through their hands.

3. The use of the Mourning Stamps were illegal and easily traced when used through the Finnish Postal System. One way of circumventing the russian's in this regard was to put mail that had Mourning Stamps on them directly aboard a Swedish ship.

4. Because of the 'Fràn Finland' marking on the card already being rare, putting the Mourning Stamp on it later would not increase the value great enough to warrant the forgery.

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