Captain Sigsbee

1845 to 1923


"Charles D. Sigsbee, career naval officer, was born in Albany, New York on January 16, 1845. Upon graduating from the Naval Academy in 1863 he began a career which would be remembered, primarily, for his service as the last Captain of the U.S.S. Maine in 1898. At the start of his career he served under the two most famous Union naval commanders of the Civil War. He was first assigned to the West Gulf Blockade Squadron under Admiral David G. Farragut, serving on the Monogahela and Brooklyn. It was aboard the Brooklyn, the first of the wooden vessels to run past the guns of Fort Morgan, that Sigsbee took part in the Battle of Mobile Bay on August 5, 1864. Sigsbee was then transferred to the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron . . ."
REMEMBER CHARLES SIGSBEE By James M. Gallen, Loyal Legion Vignettes

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