On this page are pictures of sighting of Pink Floyd
at one of his favorite locations in the Great Salt Lake

PINK FLOYD - Around ten years ago, about 1990, A flamingo which resided in the Tracy Avery, in Liberty Park, in Salt Lake City, disappeared. Officials at the Avery assumed that the bird flew away. Later, the flamingo appeared at the Great Salt Lake among the seagulls. He seemed happy and content so there was no attempt to capture it again. After that the flamingo would randomly disappear and reappear at the Great Salt Lake. The sail boaters and tourists somehow nicknamed him Pink Floyd and when he is sighted they call it a Pink Floyd sighting.

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These pictures were taken in the late winter toward the late afternoon. The mountains in the background are the Southern section of the Stansbury Mountains. The last picture (007) shows the southern tip of the Oquirrh Mountains on the left side with the Great Salt Lake Marina jetting out from them with the Stansbury Mountains in the background.

Click on Pink Floyd in each picture below to see a larger view.


Pink Floyd among the seagullsPink Floyd flying with the gullsPink Floyd beginning his landing from his short flightPink Floyd among the seagulls after his short flightPink Floyd taking off into flightPink Floyd adjusting his walk after landing in the waterPink Floyd dining in the lake as the winter sun starts to go down behind the mountains

We again sighted Pink Floyd 02/04/03

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