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On this page are pictures of various sunsets over looking The Great Salt Lake as viewed at different locations.
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Lake Sunsets, Pt. 1

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THREE IN ONE SUNSET - On a cool evening, in the late summer of 2000, I had a strong desire to go take a picture of a Great Salt Lake Sunset. I looked at the sky overhead and it was clouded over. I looked to the clouds over the Lake and it was clouded over also, but I had this thing inside me saying go get a sunset shot of the Lake. So, I went. Inside I felt that something would come up. I picked a sight that I had to walk to along the road to the Great Salt Lake Marina and waited. It didn't look good. The clouds were thick over Stansbury Island but southwest of the Island I saw a patch of clear sky and it was headed over Stansbury. I didn't know the exact position of the sun for the cloud cover but I waited. Hoping that that little patch of blue would be where the sun would be as it touched the top of the Island. As I waited, with my camera on its tripod, people would pass in vehicles and give me the strangest looks, as if to say; Hey fellow, do you really think there's going to be a sunset?" I waited and was able to get these three sunset shots that are as different as can be for being the same sunset and each of them. . . beautiful.


SUNSET OF FLAMES - In the late fall of 1999 I decided to take a trip to Antelope Island to get some pictures of the buffalo herd. I found the herd and was able to get some interesting shots but still had a "hankering" to find something also to photograph. I decided to wait for the sunset and I wasn't disappointed, as you can see from the shots that were taken.

Sunset Of Flames #1Sunset Of Flames #2Sunset Of Flames #3Sunset Of Flames $5Sunset of Flames #4



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